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iPhone 3GS case Factron Quattro

The Japanese has come up with a really interesting iPhone case! It is the Factron Quattro for iPhone SP, a case made from leather, carbon fiber, and stainless steel. The case might sound expensive for slightly under $200, and may look a bit weird, but this case provides the ultimate in iPhone 3GS protection and at the same time offers extra lenses for iPhone’s camera function.

iPhone case

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How to boost mobile phone reception?

One of the frustration after I moved to my new house is the poor hand phone signal reception at the ground floor. Yes, you read me right. The hand phone reception signal is really bad but this only happens when I am on the ground floor… which basically make up of the living room, the study room, and the kitchen.


Surprisingly, the signal bar quickly shoots up to full strength the moment I am half way up the staircase leading to the upper floor – the bedrooms. I can enjoy excellent signal in my bedroom and second living room upstairs. I can even surf the Internet using GPRS and EDGE. I am a little out dated in this department because I have not upgraded to 3G yet. My phone doesn’t support 3G.

I missed a lot of calls just because I left my hand phone upstairs. No point having my hand phone with me while I am downstairs because I can’t get a signal down there!

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