How to boost mobile phone reception?

One of the frustration after I moved to my new house is the poor hand phone signal reception at the ground floor. Yes, you read me right. The hand phone reception signal is really bad but this only happens when I am on the ground floor… which basically make up of the living room, the study room, and the kitchen.


Surprisingly, the signal bar quickly shoots up to full strength the moment I am half way up the staircase leading to the upper floor – the bedrooms. I can enjoy excellent signal in my bedroom and second living room upstairs. I can even surf the Internet using GPRS and EDGE. I am a little out dated in this department because I have not upgraded to 3G yet. My phone doesn’t support 3G.

I missed a lot of calls just because I left my hand phone upstairs. No point having my hand phone with me while I am downstairs because I can’t get a signal down there!

Oh, before I forgot. I am a Digi Prepaid user. So, you really need to help me here, otherwise I will have to say goodbye to the Yellow Man (Digi’s mascot).

Mobile phone booster

I have heard of mobile phone boosters, but I am really skeptic about this device. The device is so simple and costs less than US$5. If it’s really effective in boosting mobile phone reception signal, then why phone manufacturers do not include them in their products? What do you think? Do you think I should give this booster a try?… not sure if I can get it from a local phone store though.

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  1. Ryan

    Hope my post is not too late.

    Booster? If there is such device, I believe the cellphone maker would have installed it in their phone and claims that their phone has better reception. Unless it causes any side effect. Eg. damaging the handphone or user.

    Btw, I am having similar problem too. It’s just that mine is a little worse. One bar upstairs, no line at all downstairs (not even emergency line sometimes). I am a maxis user, but when other operators’ line come to my house, the connection is equally bad.

    I am looking for a new handphone with better reception while not causing harm to the user by the harmful wave. Hope that would solve the problem.

  2. dAvid

    I tried it for a while on my phone, and I never noticed a difference with or without it. It seemed like a hoax if anything, but if you must try it you can usually find them on eBay for under a $1 which would make it less of an investment on your part.

  3. sunny

    Why would mobile phone companies provide free booster gadgets to boost your reception, when they make so much more money based on the fact that you have to call some one back if the phone drops out. As a matter of fact there was an investigation about 10 years back, or so (current affair program), where it was proven that mobile phones deliberately dropped out even if you had excellent reception and coverage, because the service providers knew that they could make more money from people through call backs.

  4. jimmunsw

    I have tried this booster , it only works for smaller handphones like nokia 3100 , 3220 but not the big ones like iphone . I can actually see a bar up on my nokias and more stable bar lines of reception . Thks n best rgds , cheers to all .

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