Motorola DROID

It has been a while since I did any phone review, anyway, today let’s check out Motorola DROID.

The Motorola DROID is an impressive device that is initially exclusive to Verizon Wireless.

Motorola, what can we expect from this company? Well, for years the name has been synonymous with sadly… disappointment. While the company did produced fairly good cellphones such as the RAZR, the days which followed have not been especially fruitful or compelling. Over the past year or so, we have seen Motorola beating its way back into the mainstream through a series of smart plays: first embracing Android as a platform, then shucking off the weight of Windows Mobile and finally bringing some desirable devices to us.

Motorola DROID

Let’s get back to DRIOD. The Motorola DROID is an impressive piece of hardware. The most obvious feature to begin with is the large 3.7″ 480 x 854 pixel touchscreen. This size will be ideal for web browsing and multimedia playback. Great for web and multimedia addicts.

Tthe DROID has a rather conventional slide-out QWERTY keyboard too. However, there is no real spacing between the keys though, and the navigation pad that sits alongside them looks a little out of place.

The DROID’s GPS comes with the latest version of Google Maps, which in itself is a pretty significant update as it provides free turn-by-turn voice guidance, and also has voice recognition so that you can tell it where you want to go without touching it. Oh, before I forgot, this DROID baby also has an electronic compass! :)


So, in conclusion, is the Motorola DROID a good smartphone? We think yes, it is. The DROID is an excellent smartphone with many features a modern user would expect from a modern phone. Get one if you want a change from the usual Apple iPhone. :)

Oh, check out this Motorola DRIOD video.

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  1. Olivia Smith

    It’s good to see the quality and knowledge of Engadget is the same as always. G1/Magic/Hero allow the same things that are possible. Custom ROM, and through the custom ROMs, anything is possible.

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