Samsung S9110 World’s Thinnest Watch Phone

Samsung has just announced their watch phone offering, the S9110. Measuring only 11.98mm thick, this new mobile phone cum watch from Samsung is currently the world’s thinnest! Apart from its ultra-slim form factor, it also features a 1.76-inch scratch-resistant touchscreen display, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP, voice recognition, music player, and email support. Its body is made of stainless steel while its strap is made of leather.

Samsung S9110

Unlike the competitor, LG GD910, the Samsung S9110 doesn’t come with HSDPA connectivity. However, Samsung’s price tag is so much better on the wallet…

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China iPhone NokiPhone N3000i

The NokiPhone N3000i might resemble the Nokia N95 at first glance, but look carefully, isn’t it an iPhone? No, it isn’t! NokiPhone N3000i is a combination of Nokia N95 + Apple iPhone!

NokiPhone N3000i

Basically the NokiPhone N3000i takes all the goodness of the Nokia N95 and then grabs a slice of the stylish iPhone, slams them together and comes up with this all new made-in-China NokiPhone N3000i. This mobile phone features dual-slider design reminiscent of Nokia N95 and a 3.2-inch touchscreen. It also features dual SIM cards capability. Too bad, NokiPhone N3000i does not support 3G.

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Nokia 3720 Classic

Billed as Nokia’s “most rugged mobile phone”, Nokia 3720 is getting ready to join the ranks of dust and water resistant phones. Nokia 3720 Classic is IP54 certified, meaning it’s dust and splash resistant. Although not as resilient as some phones such as the Sonim XP3 or the Samsung B2100, the Nokia 3720 Classic should survive most things you throw at it.

Nokia 3720

Nokia 3720 Classic is a smart looking mobile phone, it is at least much more “normal” looking than some other rugged phones. :)

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LG Chocolate 2009

The original LG Chocolate phone was such a popular phone back then in 2006. The LG Chocolate sold in large numbers and got LG noticed by consumers. Many Nokia and Sony Ericsson consumers even switch to LG because of this phone! The sleek and glossy design was one of the best looking cell phones around until the iPhone turned up. :)

Anyway, do check out these shots of the next generation LG Chocolate. We call it LG Chocolate 2009.

LG Chocolate

LG Chocolate phone

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Nokia 2700 Classic

With a design inspired by the Nokia 6300, the Nokia 2700 Classic has a very similar feature set to its successful predecessor. Although the screen is not quite as good and the case looks a little more plasticky, but the Nokia 2700 Classic offers everything that the 6300 does… with a much cheaper price tag!

The Nokia 2700 classic phone combines the functionality and user experience required in today’s hectic lifestyle, with a nice design and material that makes the mobile phone the most beautiful, well built and competitively priced. At an estimated retail price of EUR 65, the Nokia 2700 classic is one of Nokia’s most affordable, full featured mobile phone.

Nokia 2700

Measuring only 109 x 46 x 14 mm and weighting only 85g, this phone’s size will satisfy its most skeptic users. This mobile phone comes with a 1020 mAh Li-Ion battery, offering a talk time up to 6.00 hours and providing standby time of 288 hours.

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