Sony Ericsson W380i

Sony Ericsson W380i Purple Color

The W380i is a Sony Ericsson Walkman® music phone which comes with a stylish clamshell opening mechanism & with a beautifully finished casing. Out of all the phones, this is probably the one with the most different design. The Sony Ericsson W380i Walkman phone is a flip phone but unlike other flip phones, at first glance, the Sony Ericsson W380i doesn’t seem to have an external display.

The handset is available in two sleek colours which include an electric purple & a magnetic grey colour. Cool and special color huh? The clamshell design is stylish & practical as the phone comes with touch control music keys & music information displayed on the external casing of the handset. The user can use the external controls to play, pause or skip their music.

Sony Ericsson W380i Clamshell

The phone comes with a high colour internal screen which is ideal for displaying music information, call details, images & messaging service when the phone is in its flipped open position. The internal screen is a TFT screen which is 1.9 inches in size & provides a screen resolution of 176 x 220 pixels on a 262k colour screen.

The W380i comes with a key lock feature which is simple to activate & allows the user to lock their external keys, so therefore the music will not accidentally start playing when the handset is in the users pocket or bag.

There is a very interesting and cool feature in W380i. There is a motion sensor which allows you to wave your hand over the phone in order to snooze an alarm or to silence an incoming call. Wow, it’s a pretty cool feature.

The W380i comes with 14MB internal memory and as other phones, there is Memory Stick Micro expandable memory. Besides, the W380i comes with a built in camera feature which allows the user to capture photos during their day. The camera is a 1.3 megapixel camera which comes complete with a 4 x digital zoom which allows the user to get up closer to their target when taking a shot.

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20 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson W380i

  1. someone...?

    heyya. bought that phone in like… May last year i think, heaps good phone. Would probably cost about 150-170 australian $$ atmo? idk. i bought it for 200 back then..

  2. sammy wyatt

    Hey .LOL i have this phone you cant make videos or view them it sucks lol. the only good thing about it is it has a good memory lol and its like dead cute in looks


  3. missy

    i want this fone
    its sexy
    says me and loz oh yesh :)

    gonna buy it from tescos and have it on vodafone


    pssst…. its gonna snow later :)

  4. Veleshmea


    SSSPT!!! it is soo cold im thinking im gona die

  5. Fred

    Don’t buy this phone, I have it and I hate it!
    Okay, the design’s nice, but that’s about it.
    It’s really slow, you can’t record movies, it freezes alot, etc

  6. Khan Ruadheal

    I have sonyricsson w380i,My young brother play with it and it slip down from his hand,now it developed technical problem if I needs to play the walk man it doesn’t open the way it used to be.
    Please I need help.


  7. Vineeta D'souza

    Can’ think of a worse phone……it went off all of a sudden one day and never came on again. It’s not even a year old (I bought it last July (2008)) and its stopped working in May 2009. It been back and forth to the service centre and their have been little or no help and extremely rude. The service centre guys said that since it was a softwareproblem the same needs to be paid for as it was not covered under the warranty, so I had to pay Rs.1200/- (I was hoping that at least I would not have to pay for the repair ‘cos it was less than a year old). So for all of you who like this little phone ……beware the book and the cover is very different…

  8. Vipinxavier

    This is the worst phone in the universe I think
    I own this now….
    Just after purchasing it, after 3 months i got it repaired @ service centre – speaker complaint…
    After 6 months again … same complaint….
    After 10 months again … same complaint…..
    After 13 months the same complaint and lot other complaints….
    Now the service period is over and I am planning to purchase another phone ……
    No body will buy this second hand… if they know about its feature that “Vist Service Centre once in 3 months” ……

  9. nadai

    hiiiiiiiii …
    I have this phone ,its so cute and special :) its too girly too:)
    But the problem is about the video ,u cant make videos or watch it :(:(
    plus it cant handel a internet support :(:(
    But i love u my sony ericsson so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh<3<3<3

  10. farheen

    hi, since this was a limited edition phone its not available anywhere is there any way i could still buy this phone.thank you

  11. Mickey

    Decent phone but buttons do not respond well after you have used it for a few months. Speaker phone aint that good but surprisingly music plays well on the same speaker :O
    Gesture control is kewl though is seldom used.
    External controls and the translucent display are pretty cool.

    Value for money and more importantly you don’t see it in like every fifth person’s hand :)

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