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iPhone 3GS Jailbreak Purplera1n

iPhone 3GS owners, the wait to jailbreak your shiny new iPhone 3GS is over! iPhone hacker George Hotz originally unlocked the iPhone, has released a jailbreaking application for the iPhone 3GS code-named purplera1n. The project started out as a tool only for certain variants of Windows, but has since blossomed into candidates for most modern variants of Windows (not Windows 7 though) and a Mac solution.

iPhone 3GS

To jailbreak iPhone 3GS, go to purplera1n.com. Download the application. Make sure you have Windows (but not Windows 7), the latest iTunes installed, and an iPhone 3GS with 3.0 firmware. Connect your iPhone as you use normally. Click on “make it ra1n”. Wait. On bootup, run Freeze, the purplera1n installer app. From here, it’s quite simple and you should have no problem proceeding… This tool is still in beta, so make sure to have everything backed up before trying. In case Cydia doesn’t show up after running Freeze, reboot your iPhone.

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