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Sony Ericsson Zylo Review

Recently, Sony Ericsson has presented a new mobile phone called Zylo. This is the latest of their “Walkman Phone” lineup. One main feature of this mobile phone is that it includes plenty of social features, so it is effortless for you to easily access Facebook and Twitter.

Sony Ericsson Zylo

Sony Ericsson Zylo supports the HD FLAC audio format, a high-quality lossless audio codec. Unlike the MP3 and AAC audio codecs this doesn’t reduce the audio quality and delivers the best experience with the proprietary Clear Audio technology! Another key feature on the Sony Ericsson Zylo mobile phone is TrackID – which allows users to access the name and artist of a track they hear playing. This function has proved popular with music lovers with 129 million TrackID lookups in 2009 alone! This is really amazing, isn’t it?

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